Sample Page

    1. This Transfer Prints on ALL Fabric Colors
      Works well on Cotton, Polyester, Denim, Fleece, Linen and Blends.
      DOES NOT PRINT on Nylon, Silk and fabrics of this type.HEAT PRESS-IRON APPLICATION1. Set Iron to 340F Degrees. (allow it to heat up to temp.)
      2. Pre-heat and smooth Printing Area.
      3. Place Transfer/Clear Plastic Carrier in desired position.
      4. Cover Entire Transfer w/Teflon or Craft Paper
      5. Press for 10-12 Sec. w/Firm Downward Pressure.
      6. Remove Teflon/Craft Paper.
      7. COLD PEEL – Allow to cool, than Peel Clear Plastic Carrier.IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU PEEL IT HOTIf the transfer is not sticking to the shirt, STOP. Increase the temperature, pressure, press time and try it again. That should do it.Washing & Care
      Machine washable, Wash inside out, warm/cold temperature, Tumble or Hang dry. All transfers are high quality and tested on a regular basis.


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